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Vote YES! to Renew Your Ongoing Investment in SACS' Future

Since 1985, SACS has been operating with the assistance of a taxpayer-supported operating referendum. The operating referendum dollars are used 100% for salaries and benefits of personnel helping SACS to retain and attract high-quality educators and staff.

Vote Yes! to:

RETAIN 46 Positions

(43 Classroom teachers, 2 Guidance Counselors, 1 Police Officer)

ADD 26 Positions

(14 Classroom teachers, 7 Guidance Counselors/Social Workers, 2 Police Officers,

1 Administrator, 1 Support Staff, 1 Alternative School Admin/Counselor)


Students     Academics    Community

SACS Students

Prepare children to be successful in life, providing students with an excellent learning environment to maximize talents and to become resilient and responsible problem solvers;

Maintain small class sizes;

Expand student, staff and school safety measures;

Increase counseling services and mental health supports.

Elementary Classroom_edited.jpg
Science Courses

SACS Academics

Sustain positive school climates promoting social, emotional, and academic excellence for all students;

Continue to offer an encouraging, safe environment delivering relevant 21st Century learning opportunities;

Provide access to outstanding performing arts, cultural and athletic activities.


Our schools serve as the hub a vibrant community;

Strong Schools=Strong Community=Strong Property Values;

Increase property values;

Retain and attract new families and businesses to our community. 

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