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Thank You!
Yes! for SACS Passes

Voters said YES! to RENEW the operating referendum on Nov. 8th and continued their investment in SACS students, staff and community.


Vote YES to Renew Your Investment in SACS' Future:

Retain 46 Staff

43 Classroom Teachers

2 Guidance Counselors

1 School Police Officer

Add 26 New Staff

14 New Classroom Teachers

7 Guidance Counselors/Social Workers

2 Additional Police Officers

1 Central Office Administrator

1 Support Staff

1 Alternative School Admin/Counselor

Preschool Teacher and Students
Home: Welcome

Investing in Our Future

Yes! for SACS Renewal Invests in
SACS' Students & Staff

Teacher and Pupil

Yes! for SACS Renewal Invests
in our Community

Diverse Exchange Students

Yes! For SACS Renewal Invests in Health and Safety

Police Station
Home: What We Do
Teacher and Pupil

Yes! for SACS Financials

RENEW SACS Referendum 
How much will it cost you?